Fields of work

MAWN specializes in investigations in e.g. the following fields:

  • Aquatic environmental impact assessments (AEIA), in accordance with OECD and Sida standards, including sociological and epidemiological aspects.
  • Influence on the aquatic environment of e.g. hydropower production, diversion of water and the construction of dams/barrages.
  • Mitigation measures for reducing the negative impacts of changes in water flow, water quality and water ecosystem function.
  • Diagnosis of biological status of lakes and rivers.
  • Diagnosis of water quality, using chemical, physical and biological indicators.
  • Resource management of fish and crustaceans.
  • Effects of introductions of non-indigenous aquatic fauna and flora.
  • Effects on local people and their integration in decision making and project implementation.
  • Education, training and capacity building.