MAWN cooperates with indigenous peoples in accordance with the Rio de Janeiro UN Convention of 1992,

so that their needs and knowledge of natural resources are incorporated in project planning. We believe that all sustainable use, management and conservation of the aquatic resources must rely on participation of local people, with due respect to their traditional culture.


MAWN works globally,

with a core of Swedish experts with experience in developing and using standardised sampling methods and indices in a global perspective and with a global net of contacts. The network comprises scientists with a broad competence e.g. within the fields of water chemistry, hydrology, sedimentology, biological indicators (fish and benthic invertebrate faunas), taxonomy, systematics, standardised sampling methodology, monitoring, fish and fisheries biology, biological production, nature conservation, sociology, epidemiology, ethnography and anthropology.


MAWN's experts perform investigations and evaluations,

in co-operation with international and national companies and organisations and with international and national authorities and governments.


MAWN is a flexible organisation,

whose broad competence makes it possible to streamline project activities for optimal results.


MAWN invites project co-operation

and proposals for most types of man-water interactions, whether in the form of total consultancies or as Joint Ventures.